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Celery Juice: My experience

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I know Apple Cider Vinegar has a bad rap for tasteing terrible, I grew up watching my mother drink Apple Cider Vinegar (always diluted in water) and could never understand how she could handle the taste. But atlas a...

We recently found this cooking sauce/marinade and it is by far our favorite addition to any savory dish. The ingredients are clean and it honestly taste so yummy!  A new "staple" in our little Kitchen :) 


Grab your blender, a few pantry items and you're ready to go! This is our Favorite hummus recipe. We use it as a dip for all the veggies, slather it in sandwiches and chip dipping of course! Hope you like it as much as my Family d...

While in London, my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought me a beautiful wallet. It had navy exterior with light pink lining and the most delicate details. A cutch style with a petite rose gold bow to keep my belongings secure, I...

Yet another Go-To recipe when in need of some comfort food. Growing up I was known as "Carb Queen" aka I loved all starches! After being diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes slowly I started to refine the way I ate. However, I wont le...

Growing up with a mother who had boxes...and boxes hats. Collected through the years, many passed down to her from women she admired. To be worn on holidays or simply for dress up with one of my sisters. My own admiration for hats...

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