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2019 Girl Blogger

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I recently found this adorable pinafore style dress and have been loving it. Made with light fabric, very breathable, without being "see through" (bonus points)! Also I am 5'6 and it comes to my knees, I got a size XS and it fits...

I stopped caring in November of 2017. I truly gave up on those feelings of self-doubt or concern of what other people thought. I dreamed of starting my own platform and running my own blog for too long. The "fear" of the public ju...

Growing up with a mother who had boxes...and boxes hats. Collected through the years, many passed down to her from women she admired. To be worn on holidays or simply for dress up with one of my sisters. My own admiration for hats...

Newly married and I feel as if I have received a New wardrobe...my husband's side of the closet! I love finding ways to use his shirts and keep my feminine style.

 I paired my trusty ripped black jeans, my husband's shirt and a bea...

 Two things getting me through this winter are Hot coffee & Layers!


Moving to Maryland from the South and still adjusting to a Northern winter. The lows of 4 degrees with highs of 11... have been a cha...

 Some of the items I'm wearing were sold out, So I link similar (better priced) options for you!

These slightly flare jeans are great for girls who have thinner legs because it keeps you from having the "chopstick effect" and...

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