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Celery Juice: My experience

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Hi my name is Charlotte and I am addicted to late night treats. It's an on going "issue" and I have have just accepted that if I am going to "treat this issue" then I shall do it with some cookie cake that only has 5g Net carb/squ...

This recipe all started with our deep love of Chocolate Bark. There is a specific brand that sells chocolate bark here in the USA made by “barkTHINS”barkTHINS HERE .…no it’s not the healthiest option on the shelf. But it holds a s...

 I used to (still do) love a chewy chocolate-chip cookies! Since I started my slow transition to eating a better nutrient dense food I have gone through so many paleo cookies and you know when you make a batch of "healthy cookies"...

Chocolate.Pillow.Cookies. is the Perfect description for these cookies. These are my FAVORITE! okay I know what you're thinking how I say that a lot but I think these are my favorite for spring and summer. Because zucchini will be...

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