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    These are my favorite grain free cookie that pair perfectly with a glass of "milk" (dairy free of course). I have been making these for a couple years now and they always turn out great! You will only need one bowl recipe...

This video is about my recent haul on vita cost. Always looking for the best deals on ingredients to improve your health. This is a great place to start because​ there is NO membership fee! yay. What should I film next? Let me kno...

     It was 2009 and I was standing in an Old Navy with tears streaming down my face because none of the clothes in the "teen section" fit me. I was 14 years old and very skinny. Shopping for a dress to wear on Mother’s...

I know the first ingredient may have you startled, saying "what in tarnation is chickpea water doing in cookies!?". That's what I said when starting my plant-based journey. Another name for it is aquafaba and acts as a binder in t...

Sharing my favorite Beauty Boosters from my fruit bowl this week!

     I have to be honest with you. For the past couple years I was "afraid" of eating too much fruit. But after digging deep in some research I have switched up...

Wow, this has brought me so much joy to have this opertunity in gifting someone in need. This is my first giveaway and as a diabetic, it seems only fitting to have tailerd for my diabetic darlings! I am not always excited about th...

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