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Celery Juice: My experience

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2019 Girl Blogger

Fashion Trends

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Recent Blog Entries

     Seeing the style of combat boots hitting trend reports for fall , I can say I am happy to slide into a new pair of little black boots. During high-school I went through a phase of  blaring my iPod nano with artist like My Che...

 I love wearing skirts because I see them as a versatile piece. You can make so many outfits from a single skirt by dressing it up or down. Wrap style skirts are some of my favorites as it allows me to adjust the waistline! Plus g...

     For the longest time I said "I don't have a style”. I love so many looks it is hard to choose just one that defined my closet. I just make up my mind when I step in-front if my wardrobe. But now, I think I’ve finally com...

Tried & Trusted glamour Makeup

Last year my darling mother gifted me with a number a products from this makeup and sure enough most of the products have held up through all of 2017! Not Only is the packing stunning, it is...

I'm always on the hunt for a Good Belt. It can take "clothes" and turn it into an "outfit". This Belt has been worn on so many different occasion! From winter through summer, day to night. I linked all different price points of th...

I stopped caring in November of 2017. I truly gave up on those feelings of self-doubt or concern of what other people thought. I dreamed of starting my own platform and running my own blog for too long. The "fear" of the public ju...

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