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 This has been a new Favorite in our house and I can't wait to make it for our appetizer table during the holidays. This is a quick and easy recipe that will leave your guest saying "Wow, that's homemade?!" It's delicious and som...

This recipe is so simple and made with REAL FOOD! I fell in love with blueberries when my mom planted 4 bushes on our family farm, right next to our back door. Every time I was out watering the garden I got to pick a handful and s...

Lentils for luscious locks of hair?! That's right, lentils are a major beauty boost for healthy hair growth and strength. Plus this Red Lentil Curry... is Ready in 30 min. and taste incredibly Delicious! 

This recipe is Dairy Free,...

 After a long summer of roasting countless zucchini and yellow squashes, my taste buds look forward to the diverse range of winter squash at the store. One squash in particular that stands out at the store is a Carnival Squash! Th...

This recipe all started with our deep love of Chocolate Bark. There is a specific brand that sells chocolate bark here in the USA made by “barkTHINS”barkTHINS HERE .…no it’s not the healthiest option on the shelf. But it holds a s...

I bet you that this will beat your Mama's meatloaf. A bold statement to say this for this recipe but, there are no crazy fillers or questionable ingredients in this recipe.

I sneak in some veggies and create a meatloaf that is so...

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