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Celery Juice: My experience

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I know the first ingredient may have you startled, saying "what in tarnation is chickpea water doing in cookies!?". That's what I said when starting my plant-based journey. Another name for it is aquafaba and this acts as a binder...

     It was 2009 and I was standing in an Old Navy shopping for a dress in the "teen section" with tears streaming down my face because none of the clothes fit me. I was 14 years old and very skinny.  Earlier that d...

A repeated week night dinner that takes minimal effort, while providing those slow cooked flavors! I love the way these flavors blend together and how customizable this dish is. But for now,  here is my go to recipe....

 This is a small batch recipe. I love to snack on these during the holidays and by using a sugar free alternative there is no sugar spike. But feel free to use regular sugar if you'd like. I'm going to decorate the house today and...

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