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Celery Juice: My experience

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      This recipe took me quite some time to perfect but I have finally done it! Now it is a recipe made often in our home. My husband was the honorary taste tester for this one because he grew up enjoying his mom's shepherds pie....

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(note I am not advising you to drink celery juice in this post just sharing my personal experience and some beauty benefits.) 

I thought it was time to share my experience with c...

Hello to my fellow diabetic or a mama/papa to a diabetic, I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years...wow!!  In honor of my diagnosis I wrote this blog post regarding my experience of giving multiple daily injections versus wearing...

 This cookie came about when I didn't have many ingredients on hand but really needed a treat. So... I came up with this simple, chocolatey (oat flour) cookie. These are allergy friendly making them great for anyone...

This recipe is my favorite way to enjoy a  bean burger!

It's very affordable, easy to make and it has the family's stamp of approval. Hooray! You can enjoy this patty on a bun, like a traditional burger or another idea is to place...

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