A taste of my honeymoon




We went to Banff National Park in Canada this year for our honeymoon. You can watch our Vlog here ->


The foodies that we are, I wanted to try many different things while there but one meal that I had on repeat was none other than the famous Canadian Bacon! We had it for breakfast almost every morning!


So as soon as I got home I went to my trusty grocer and bought the healthiest Canadian bacon I could find and put my own twist on it: 

     In the Bowl:

-2 Slices of Canadian Bacon (seared on a non-stick pan)

-1/2 Avocado  (roughly chopped)

-1/2 Cup Chickpeas (sautéed on high heat in ghee)

-3/4 Cup Broccoli  (sautéed on high heat in ghee) 

-Lots of Fresh Spinach. 


Toss in your favorite bowl and enjoy! 

     I suggest enjoying this salad while hot but you can serve cold as well. 



I use one pan to cook everything! Start with the Canadian bacon and then set aside, use the leftover grease sautéed your chickpeas + broccoli together






To Learn More about the products I used in this recipe, check out the links I have attached above! 

-xo Charlotte Faith


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