50 Shades of Red

"There is a shade of Red lipstick for every woman"-Audrey H.

Finding your personal shade, to do this takes experimenting. Here is a "how to" from my own personal experience:

Next time you're at the drugstore, buy at least 3 different shades of red. Test them out during the week: 1)cool tone 2)warm tone 3)dark tone. *You can always give away the other shade sto friends if you don't like them on your skin tone, or return to the drugstore if thats not an option* An example of diffrent tones would be, a pinky-red, orangey-red, and a purple-red. Once you find your color, the next step would be to find how to pair it with different eye-makeup! Start with clean face and a full lash of black mascara.

I like to collect many different shades of red, then find ways to wear them based off my outfit and/or eye makeup. However, a dark deep (purple-ish) red is my favorite, paired with blavk mascara alone. To balance out my face, minimal eye-makeup always helps me when wearing a bold lip color

I have so many...too many, reds in my collection but,

I'm sharing my favorites from drugstore to high end below.

*Beauty Tip* find YOUR color in low-end price, then BUY your shade in a luxury brand.