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Keeping a Cute Kitchen



I think it is so important to enjoy your space. Even If I don't have the kitchen of my dreams (yet) I try to bring elements of joy into my little kitchen! 


I want to share with you about my happy kitchen essentials + share some of the items I have to make my kitchen an enjoyable space to create!


I love cooking and baking for my loved ones... and myself :) I always try to encourage them to do the same for themselves. By filling your kitchen with tools and accessories that bring you joy, magical things can happen on a stove. Your tastebuds encouraging you to create again and again! 


I found by having fun utensils make me want to use them. Like getting a fabulous new eyeliner, or a perfect ink pen, you want to use it! So choose spoons, forks and other kitchen tools that make you want to use them! 


Below are my favorites from my kitchen & others I thought were pretty: 

 Another way I am encouraged to bake in my kitchen is from my collection of linens! I have received many aprons that were passed down to me from women in my family ...which I will treasure forever <3

Due to this attachment I have purchased a few that I don't mind soiling with almond butter, vanilla extract, ect!

Below feature some of my latest favorites from kitchen linens! 

 Last I want to share one other way you can be encouraged to cook for yourself or loved ones. By having cookbooks with simple recipes or inspiring pictures of healthy, real, foods you might just be glancing at it from time to time but, I find myself looking over the same cookbook again and again getting new ideas each time and inspired to make my own recipes with their inspiration!

Below I have listed a few of my favorites from my book self




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