Restocking my Glam Bag

Tried & Trusted Glamour Makeup

Last year my darling mother gifted me with a number of products from this makeup and sure enough most of the products have held up through all of 2017! Not only is the packing stunning, it is such a good feeling to pull out of your hand bag for a touch up when out and about.

I happily re-purchase these Charlotte Tilbury Products again and again. (linked below)

If not treating myself to these I always recommend to a friend or a sister... or two ;)

P.S. If you try the chubby sticks Charlotte Tilbury has so many colors that pair with your eye color (How cool? I know!)I love the fact that you can choose a day color and(or) night color!

I have both for green eyes and I'm obsessed

My favorites from the Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection Linked below:

If you're looking to pamper yourself with these "glam bag" essentials or want to treat a faithful friend, these won't be a waste of money + stand the test of time <3

XOXO - your Faithful friend

Charlotte Faith