Easy GF Tuna Sliders

*Makes 8 Tuna Patties*


- 2 five oz. cans of Tuna

- 1 egg

- 1 TBL greek yogurt

- 2 TBL Spicy Hummus (my recommendation below)

- 2 TBL oat flour (or your choice flour)

- 1/4 fine chopped sweet onion

- Pinch Salt and peper

- High heat oil for cooking in pan


  1. Drain cans of tuna and place into large bowl. Mash tuna with fork until finely separated. Add the rest of your ingredients and form into 8 equal sized patties (I place mine in the fridge and then make them later that night but you can make them right away)

2. Heat avocado or olive oil in pan, enough to thinly cover the surface. Gently add Patties and cook until browned. On a medium-high heat usually takes 3-4 min each side. Place on papertowel to cool and drain excess oil. Ready to eat!

These are great with steamed veggies and rice! You can top with a little salsa or cilantro too. Fancy right?

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