3 Ways to Minimize Food Waste


We Don't finish our plates, we're buying too much food

and then we throw it all away. 


I try my best to use ALL my produce. It is such a blessing to be able to eat fresh produce and have so many grocery stores here in the US. But, unfortunately food waste remains a huge issue in our nation (research it...shocking/sad statistics)



 I hope bringing awareness to my small audience here is an encouragement for you to waste less food. Here are 3 ideas of what I do in my kitchen to waste less...



Don't toss that! :

Cauliflower &  Broccoli  

Most people only use flourets of these two veggies but you don't have to throw away the Salk or leaves. My favorite is thing to do is make my own "riced Veggies"  The stalks for cauliflower/broccoli are perfect for this! The leaves are great for quick roasting and adding as garnish on your soups, plus it looks fancy. 






















 Your Dog will thank you! :


Lots of people clean their carrots with a peeler and throw out all the skins. But you know who doesn't mind the "ugly" part of your carrots? Animals! I chop them up and add them to my pups food, he is always very thankful. You could probably toss them out back and some deer would love to munch on them too <3 



















Leafy greens meet the Ice box :


I buy a lot of veggies and sometimes we don't eat out leafy greens fast enough.

So when you start to see your leafy greens turning to the dark side, throw it in a freezer bag and freeze them! Add it to smoothies from then on out. 

I do this ALL the time. 



I hope you feel inspired to waste Less and Save more .

The issue of food waste in our nation has always been a concern of mine. And I try my best to use all of my produce.  I hope this is a trend that keeps growing in our society. So remember this year try to do your part in your own home kitchen. Waste less, Save more, Get more! 


( P.S. If you don't care about  how much our nation is wasting food, think of it at least as getting your moneys worth! )


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