Taking a Chance

I stopped caring in November of 2017. I truly gave up on those feelings of self-doubt or concern of what other people thought. I dreamed of starting my own platform and running my own blog for too long. The "fear" of the public judgments on what I was doing, was something I finally let go of.

So I thought to myself...If a person out there thought what I am doing is "stupid", "fake" or "unprofessional", probably won't be taking the time to read my content. Now, what am I waiting for? Just go for it"

Moving to Maryland, was actually the motivating factor in gaining the courage to take that official step into the world of blogging. My loved ones had always encouraged me to be vocal about my passions. So by the end of November 2017, my blog went public!

After graduating from college and "not applying" for jobs was a scary decision.

I worked 4 hard years to earn my degree and I wanted to use it. Since entering this field of blogging, I have been using my degree more than expected. There is marketing to be done, personal outreach and partnerships to be made. Gradually gaining confidence as time rolls along, being my own boss has been gratifying and challenging all in one. I plan to continue this career choice, by giving it my all for the next 6 months. With my interest driven many different directions, I am always sure of 3 things; 1)Discovering the best fashion finds. 2)My constant faith in God's Will and 3) cooking up real-food that tastes delicious.

I have big dreams for this platform and not sure where I will be in 6 months time but I know God has big plans in store. It's a thrill to wait for what's around the corner....

My Sweater and Pants linked below <3

...so won't join me on this Faithful journey?

XOXO- Charlotte Faith