Wine Not Wednesday

As a diabetic, I often get asked if I drink alcohol and the answer is yes. But, I am very cautious with consumption because for me it is hard to determine the difference between experiencing low glycemic levels aka "low sugar" or actually just being tipsy. If these symptoms are not addressed, this can turn into a dangerous situation. Luckily, I am able to surround myself with people that I can trust to help me monitor my sugars while drinking. Now with that being said, not only is this the number one priority I take into consideration when drinking, but I also am selective about what I choose to drink. I never order mixed drinks out at bars or restaurants simply because it's not worth the spike in sugar and the feeling of that effect on my body. I stick to simple drinks such as my favorites whiskey and wine. 


Today we're talking about wine! Most people might think there are only grapes in wine, but actually, this is not the case. With most mass-produced products, companies make choices to save money and extend product life which results in adding a lot more to your wine glass then just fermented grapes. Such as added sugars, yeast, salt, and acids may be added to control and direct the fermentation process. 


Comparing clean crafted organic wine to conventionally produced wine there are many differences The side bar is an image from Scout & Cellar Website sharing some facts:



If you are ready to make the switch you may say "Where do I find clean crafted wine?" Honestly, it is HARD to find in stores and tends to be a bit expensive...Until I discovered Scout & Cellar

Certified clean wine delivered right to your doorstep!


     This is a company that does independently lab testing for all wines to guarantee clean-crafted before they become available to customers. They guarantee that their wine contains "grapes are grown naturally no synthetic pesticides involved. Bottled consciouslywithout added sugars or non-organic chemicals to modify texture, flavor, color or aroma. Resulting in a wine that is natural, delicious and provides an all-around better wine experience —just like nature intended!"  I love that they're based right here in the USA located in Texas. Doing their part to help people live healthier lives to our feel best.

I suggest checking out their site click here! for more info. 


(p.s. This is not a paid post. All opinions are my own)




If you have any questions just message me here





Picture of my dinner with my latest bottle from Scout & Cellar  

xoxo- Your Faithful Friend,


Charlotte Faith


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