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Pantry Essentials (dry goods)



     Dreaming of that Pinterest perfect freshly stocked Cupboard? Follow my Pinterest board here to see my day dreams. My perfect kitchen would be organized with beautiful glass jars with a beautiful display of  all my essentials! However, my current reality it is more or less a bunch of mixed-matched reusable bags, random mason jars (passed down from my mother) and somehow the madness is all... "organized". One day I'll have my dream kitchen, it's just a matter of time right? 


I try to find the best deals wherever I'm shopping! Either at my local mom & pop health-food store or even at your average grocery store. But to be honest with you, I have found that most times I get the best deals online! Below  I have listed what I try to keep on stock 24-7 in my pantry. This list does not include what is in my fridge, nor any packaged snacks/chocolates ect. If you have any questions visit my "faith" page Here submit a Question!


If you click on the name, it will show you what brand I keep in my home! 


I search for the best online deals between amazon, vitacost (which has no membership fee) and Thrive market! Message me here or at fashionfaithfood@gmail.com and I  will be happy to share my discount code with you!  

*Click on a product name to find out the exact brand I trust/use*

Flours/Sugars On Stock :

Liquids on Stock :

Spice Cabinet :


Nuts, Seeds, Crunchies & Toppings:

​>Really I could list all "butters" cause I LOVE  them ALL but here is a few: 

>I buy both Raw and Dry-Roasted nuts. I usually purchase them from Whole Foods (or Amazon Fresh) or Trader Joes they have great prices!


There are many more Items but I hope this gives you a general idea of what I consider to be healthy staples.

I aim to purchase all snacks that contain minimal ingredients with names I can pronounce, identify and feel good about consuming.  




As an amazon associate I only earn from qualifying purchases.

Clicking the link, nor purchasing cost you any thing extra!

You can trust, I try and find you guys the best prices online



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