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Hey dalrings,

I want to talk about a  subject that I recieve so many questions about...Collagen Peptides. Addressing 3 of the most common questions. If you have a question that isn't answered visit my FAITH(about me) page to submit it there or visit www.furtherfood.com for more info:


1st question  "Charlotte, what are collagen peptides?"

(From my research and understanding): Collagen peptides are a powder supplement made the from bones, hides and cartilage of Bovine(beef) collagen (aka cartilage). The powder is hydrolyzed which means it breaks down by chemical reaction with water/liquid. There is a naturally occurring protein found in the bones, hides and cartilage of cows. There are other forms of collagen such as marine collagen, great option for those following a  pescatarian diet!

*Note* It is important that you are taking collagen that has been sourced from quality grass fed cows. 


2nd question "Charlotte, Why do you take it?"

 For me, Furtherfood collagen is very similar to daily vitamin. Such as hair, skin & nails but with even more beauty benefits. It's easy to take because you can add a scoop or 2 into anything! Is tasteless and dissolves into any liquid. At this point I think of collagen as apart of my morning routine, adding into my cup of coffee or a smoothie. 


3rd question "Charlotte, what effects have you seen taking collagen?"

The three most noticeable effects have been:

- My Hair Stronger hair at the roots =  healthy scalp aka growth!

- My Gut healing gut aka better digestion =  less tummy aches 

- My Nails Strength = longer nails 


I have been taking collagen for over a year now and I believe in it's abilities, alongside a nutrient dense diet. After my terrible hormone balancing battle (a story I will share one day) resulted major hair-loss and left me with self confidence issues. This motivated me to look for a solution. Originally I started adding collagen to my diet in hopes for solely aiding to growing my hair back! I will share my hair-loss story one day,  luckily I did document my journey with pictures to show how far I come! Keep in mind there are many other benefits to taking collagen but the few I have listed above are ones that I have witnessed in my own journey. Also, I choose to use the brand FurtherFoods because it has been recommended by my functional-medicine doctor's office (Dr.Taz). Furtherfood also has great customer service, fair price and made with quality. If you have any other questions please submit them, here.


Hungry? Check out my recipes with options to add Collagen:  cookie bars or easy blender hummus 



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