Beautiful Brain

Good Morning

I want to share a fabulous foodie find with you today. As we all know, I am a huge advocate of incorporating beauty boosting foods in my kitchen. If you have joined my fashionable foodie community then you too share this interest.

Skipping my normal smoothie bowl, I poured a hot cup of coffee, grabbed one (or two) of my homemade low-carb donuts and glazed it in my latest obsession... brain butter.

This past year I have fallen madly in love with coconut butter. The "meat" of a coconut ground into a "paste" creating a butter like texture. Today it's all about my love of the brand Pearl Butters! They infuse coconut butter with superfoods formulating a nutrient dense food that is also pretty to eat!

This beautiful blue butter known as Brain Butter may look exotic however, it is simply a mix of: Organic Raw Coconut, Ginko Biloba and Spirulina Extract (a super food supplement that gives color)

If you need more details why they call this "Brain Butter" due to the additional ingredients then I'll leave it to

They do a wonderful Job explaining the benefits of Spirulina Here and Ginko Here

I believe that when beauty starts on the inside you are guaranteed to see results on the outside. Brain health was not always something I considered. After living with my grandmother who suffered with dementia and many other health conditions I became more aware of brain health. During these years with her it taught me a lot about the importance of Mental health. Realizing that physical exercise for health is just as critical as keeping your brain healthy. Mental exercises improve the brain's functioning abilities and promotes new brain cell growth, but it is also important to be feeding your brain the right foods too! Smart women are most beautiful.

This blue brain butter (coconut butter) is a fabulous way to get in your superfoods. Plus it taste delicious and support brain health!

I've photographed: Topping Brain Butter to my homemade Paleo Doughnuts. Yumm!


This post is NOT sponsored! I just want to share my pretty food finds :)

If you want to try the product, check out the pearl butter website or I listed two options below...

You can simply add this Pink Beauty Butter to your cart on an Urban Outfitters Haul.

Click the photo to see it on

You Can also Order the blue butter through Amazon Prime (like I do)