Diabetic Desserst

Any day of the week you will find me ending my days curled up with something sweet. As a Type 1 diabetic it isn't always easy to find treats that are low in sugar yet taste delicious. Over the years of many trials and errors I have collected a few products from the store that I love, along with creating my own dessert recipes. Below I have listed some of my favorite products currently on the market + a few at home treats that I make again and again

~First I'll mention the "Ice-cream" photographed in my photo. This is Arctic Zero!

Found in at Publix, Sprouts and a few other locations. I like to mix this "ice-cream" with my homemade baked goods. Such as my Late Night Cookie Bars or my Peppermint Crisp Cookies! They have 3 different varieties: (1) light ice cream: my suggestion try: mint chocolate cookie, (2)lactose free: try the cookie dough and (3) non dairy: I've only tried the chocolate peanut butter.

~Next is Eating Evolved Dark Chocolate Coconutbutter Cups! To be honest I have probably devoured more then 100 cups at this point, I know that's a lot but they are my quick go to treat. I have been known to eat one after breakfast with a 2nd cup of coffee... writing it down it seems my sweet tooth is worse then I thought! My favorite flavor is the mint cream but I love the classic cream too! You can find these are specialty health food stores and most whole foods (or online).

~The Last suggestion is Purely Elizabeth Chocolate Granola! This has CHUNKS of chocolaty goodness and always satisfies my salty/sweet tooth. I promise you that eating this granola on it's own is like crumpled up cookies. Also it is husband approved, he might even love eating it more then me! I like to buy this at any grocery store or my usual pit stop for the best deal, I buy it Here on Amazon

-Best of all, Homemade Desserts to make are all Low Carb & Sugar free (or very low in sugar)

Late night Cookie Bars:

Fudgey Brownies

Chocolate Pillow Cookies

Easy No bake "ButterFingers"

+more of my Sweet Treats Found here

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