Dessert Friendly Dresses

When getting ready for our friend's wedding, I decided this dress is what I consider a "Dessert Friendly Outfit". Because of 3 qualities. 1) The way it's fitted, giving the illusion of a smaller waist 2) Has a stretchy band around your midsection and 3) Flowy fabric that is very comfortable and chic.

"You don't have to worry about trying to tuck in your beautiful tummy, go ahead, treat yourself to that 2nd helping of cake!" At least these were my thoughts haha!

I recently discovered this brand "Let Me Be" and I love many of their pieces! Check out the links below to see sold on Anthropologie & Nordstrom.

P.S. You're in Luck! The dress I'm wearing happens to be on mega sale!

xxo- Your Faithful Friend

Charlotte Faith

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