Better with "Butter"

Everything is better with "BUTTER"

Talking about nut/seed/fruit butters today! For me, it all started with apple slices & peanut butter. Over the years, I realized there is an entire world filled with gourmet butters that can be added to savory dishes, pancakes, cookies and even just straight off the spoon! This past summer I have been hooked on coconut butter and mixed nut/seed butters. I wanted to suggest a few of my favorites and encourage you to branch out of your routine nut butter!


1) Coconut Butter from Blue Mountain Organics has a great price for quality product. Sometimes a low grade coconut butter can become oily (no good) but this brand uses an ancient method of stone grinding to create a smooth texture that melts down nicely and taste great on toast, desserts or added in smoothies.$6.04 for 16oz

2) Blue Brain Butter (a.k.a. coconut butter) has been a favorite of mine and I have an entire post dedicated to it here! It is on the pricey side but Pearl butters add adaptogens (also known as herbal medicines) to their products making them a more nutrient dense food. $25.00 for 6oz jar

3) Manna Organics Nut/Fruit Butters! They are "no stir" butters with very unique add-ins. Perfect for stocking up on a few jars and using them during the holidays as gifts or even setting out during dinner parties! These jars are my latest obsession for serving on crackers to guest or just for an afternoon treat on a lice of toast They are made with all organic ingredients and have a large variety to choose from. I highly recommend trying the toasted coconut cashew or the fig & nut butter. Jar prices vary & check local stores for better prices!* average $14.99 for 12oz jar

A few photos from my instagram @iamcharlottefaith

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Charlotte Faith