Roasted Carnival Squash

After a long summer of roasting countless zucchini and yellow squashes, my taste buds look forward to the diverse range of winter squash at the store. One squash in particular that stands out at the store is a Carnival Squash! The unique color of the skin makes for a beautiful dish to serve yourself or have for a dinner party to dress up your plate. This squash is very similar to acorn squash, they share the same shape and are very similar in taste. With 3 ingredients it's hard to call this one a "recipe" but I really enjoy the flavor this creates when combined.


1 large carnival squash cut into wedges.

(plant based) parmesan cheese

Heavy sprinkle of salt&pepper

A light sprinkle of Turmeric. you can omit this ingredient but it's a great way to beauty boost your dish adds a nice subtle flavor plus a vibrant color.

Roast at 400 degrees for 20-30 min or until tender. Serve warm :)

P.S. I DO eat the skin of these but you can always eat around it. The skin comes off easily once cooked!

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