Playful Pinafore Dress

I recently found this adorable pinafore style dress and have been loving it. Made with light fabric, very breathable, without being "see through" (bonus points)! Also I am 5'6 and it comes to my knees, I got a size XS and it fits perfect! My black flats are from Sam Edelman. I have had this pair for years and I could not find the exact same ones that I own, but I linked some similar pairs for you!

My husband and I spent the morning wandering around a little historic town about an hour west of our home. We stumbled upon a local art museum (with free admission), a beautiful park with a small body of water filled with water lilies. Of course stopping for lunch at a cute vegan restaurant where I had the best hummus of my life! Some days where you don't have "set plans" it turns out to be the best kind of day. I am taking this as a reminder to not worry about if there will be something cool to do/see and just look for the little things that can make any small town or situation a memorable one. Whether it is simply great hummus, a few beautiful flowers, or free admission to a museum.

I hope you have a great fall season and try not to worry about “doing all the fall things” and just enjoy the little moments in your days.

xxo- Youre Faithful Friend

Charlotte Faith