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If you follow me on my Instagram you know I am a smoothie fanatic. I have a smoothie for breakfast about 5 to 6 days a week! Lately, this is the best way for me to start off my day!

I use a vitamix blender & if you want to see the exact one I use, check it out here on my kitchen essentials page.

I always start with a handful of something from the garden a.k.a. veggies/fruits! But most importantly, I like to boost the benefits by adding in some nutrient dense supplements. Over the past year these have been some of my most consistent purchases.

Top Shelf:

Navitas Cacao Powder. This is great because it gives an intense chocolaty flavor. For those of you who are not familiar there is a difference between cacao vs. cocoa

{Cacao: is cold-pressed and un-roasted which keeps the living enzymes in tact giving you the best nutrient dense dose of antioxidants, iron, etc. that chocolate has to offer. (VS Cocoa powder: has been baked at a high temperature which unfortunately reduces the amount of enzymes and greatly lowers any nutritional benefits)

Further Food Collagen Peptides. I have a full post on why I have been taking these for over a year now! Improves skin, hair, nail and if you click here you can read all about it!

Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil. Sometimes I will add in a couple teaspoons into my blender. There are lots of benefits from taking coconut oil in the mornings. One it will keep you fuller longer and aids in a smooth digestive tract. A.k.a you won’t be "stopped up" after that smoothie! It also has helped me maintain a healthy weight. Women’s bodies require a certain amount of fatty acids to function properly and coconut oil is a healthy way to acheive that. Studies have shown that Eating just a spoonful or two each day can significantly help your hormone production! Yay happy hormones.

Chia seeds. There are so many ways to use chia seeds! I personally do not like chia pudding but I don’t mind adding a spoonful into my smoothie or on top after blending. They contain protein and are full of fiber! They will help create a steady blood-sugar which for me as a diabetic = a better mood!

Sun Potions. These are some of my fav additions because they are mood boosters. They are essentially finely ground powerful herbs and should be taken in small amounts. Also known as adtodaptogens or a form of Chinese medicine. So which do I take?

He Shou Wu (pronounced he-shu-woo) This is great for ladies because it is known as a Libido Booster. Supporting a boost in sex drive which is something a lot of women don’t talk about but it’s important for us too! It also is known to reduce grey hair growth. I have lots of grey hairs coming in and not to say that I’m too worried, as long as I have hair... I don’t care what color it is! But I would be nice to maintain my dark hair as long as possible.

Ashwagandha with this one I have to be careful because it taste very earthy a.k.a similar to dirt. Which can effect the flavor of my smoothie.But I take this for the known abilities to help reduce blood sugar levels, reduce symptoms of depression. There are many other benefits as well to this well known herb and I highly recommend looking into it! *As with any herb, quality, purity and potency are of the utmost importance*

Amazing Grass Superfoods. These are great to add into your smoothie each flavor comes with a little scooper and specific benefits. But they are all filled with nutritious greens, phytonutrient packed fruits and vegetables, cereal grasses, digestive enzymes and probiotics, similar to a daily vitamin but without all the sugars/toxic preservatives. There are 2 - 3 carbs in a scoop & their products are vegan, gluten free, no gmo, etc.

Thorn L-Glutamine This powder is a supplement my doctor recommended for to help restore/maintain a healthy gut lining and beat my sugar cravings. Which to be honest with you, I still crave sweets, but my gut is in much better shape!

Coconut Butter. I have a whole post on coconut butter and you can click here to read all about why I love it so much. For smoothies providing creamy texture or I will melt it down and drizzle on top for a pretty magical looking breakfast.


Bottom Shelf:

Cardamom. This is a spice that is commonly added to coffee but I find it blends well with vanilla flavored smoothies. Cardamom is known for increasing the body’s blood circulation, especially to your lungs! This is often used as a natural remedy for respiratory issues; it is a warming spice with a great flavor.

Protein powders. So I have used a lot of different protein powders and still trying to find one with ingredients that work best for me. But recently have enjoying these by ALOHA they have 18 g of protein and 150calories per 2 scoops. Which is enough for my lifestyle. I like vanilla one the best, has a strong flavor and has more fiber per serving. The chocolate one has been great for my husband because he enjoys adding bananas into his smoothies and the chocolate protein not very sweet.

Nut butters. These two from Manna organics have become a favorite. I have an entire post about my favorite nut butters and you can check it out by clicking here.

sweeteners/extracts Sometimes I like to add a ¼-1/2 tsp of extracts or flavorings into my smoothies just to make it "extra delicious" By adding these they can help cover any “challenging flavors” such as kale or other earthy flavors. Sweet-leaf stevia drops have been in my cupboard for a long time now. It’s a great way to sweeten my smoothies without having to add too much fruit. My diabetes causes me to avoid bananas and other high carbs fruits but with these I don’t miss having them!

My nutty mylk. These were kindly sent to me by one of my favorite coconut butter brands Blue Mountain organics. If you’re traveling or in a pinch you can make homemade almond milk with just 1 scoop of my nutty mylk and water! Because that’s all almond milk is…just water and almonds! The store bought kind does have additives to it so that it can stay on the shelf longer and they occasionally add sweeteners but in this case you can flavor it however you want! Super simple and convenient. The only ingredients in my nutty mylk are organic almonds that have been ground into a paste for easy mixing with your water.

Local Bee Pollen is something I add on top to help with my seasonal allergies.

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