Quick Candied Pecans

This is a small batch recipe. I love to snack on these during the holidays and by using a sugar free alternative there is no sugar spike. But feel free to use regular sugar if you'd like. I'm going to decorate the house today and enjoy these candied pecans. From my kitchen to yours, Happy Snacking!


In a pan add:

•1 TBL Brown “Sugar”

•1/2 TBL Regular “Sugar”

•1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract

•pinch of Salt

•1 TBL Water

Combine these 5 ingredients in your pan on a low heat until you reach a slight simmer. Then add

•1 cup dry roasted pecans.

Turn heat off stir your pecans until evenly coated. Then lay out on parchment paper until completely cooled. Done!

These are great to have around the house when your home during the holidays for Yummy yet,2.8 g healthy snacking. Add in your salads, on your oatmeal or just right out of the dish. Another idea is to place these in a mason jar with ribbon and take them to a party as a hoastest gift.