How I keep my Real Nails long

Proud to say, I finally figured out how to grow my natural nails out and keep them long and strong! What I called having “little boy hands” for so long, I have moved on to feeling like a hand model. A common question I get on INSTAGRAM is “Are those your real nails?!” or “How are your nails so long?!” Inspiring me to share this blog post with you. Here are my Tips: 



1) Buy a nail-brush. I use this for cleaning under my nails. As soon as the nails start to grow out, there is more room for things to get stuck under your nail bed. So gross, I know! One of my old habits was scratching under my nails to clear anything out. This actually thins out your nails causing them to be weak and break. Keep your nail-brush by the sink, so each time you wash your hands you can gently scrub under the nails. Keeping them clean and white should help reduce your urge to pick at them! (I have the brush I use linked below)


2) Stop going to the nail salon. I know most people are not going to like this but, I have found when I started doing my own nail care at home; my nails look healthier and are 10X stronger! If you do choose to go to the nail salon, ask them not to buff your nails down. I understand they do this to give a smoother surface for gliding on nail polish but, it will make your nails thinner, thus the need for more trips to the nail salon! So save your money, practice your own nail care or use a nail technician you trust.  


3) Use coconut oil on your hands before bed. It is just that simple. Using oil on your hands before bed helps nourish your cuticles. Coconut oil has antifungal properties, keeping any unwanted bacteria around your nails, which will lead you to healthy soft hands. 


4) Take/Eat a supplement! I like to use collagen peptides; I have a whole post on that here. Another idea is to take an over the counter Biotin supplement. Also consider eating a nutrient dense to include lots of different fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and protein sources. 


5) Wear rubber gloves when Cleaning. Not very “glamorous” look but, I was taught this by watching my mother and grandmother always wear their rubber gloves. My grandmother had the most beautiful and softest hands in the entire world! She always had her hands busy at work cleaning the kitchen wearing those gloves. I have found wearing gloves really help protect my hands from harsh dish soaps and other household cleaners.





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-xo Charlotte Faith




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