Comfy Cute Cozy

Most snow days are for relaxing at home. Possibly completing an at home yoga practice or simply recipe testing something delicious. However, with any day spent at home I like my outfit to meet the standards of the 3 "C"s . I define these as Comfy, Cute, and Cozy. From my experience, brands that make soft and comfortable "yoga clothes" are Free People, Beyond Yoga, and Spiritual Gangster.

*I linked some of my current favorites from these brands below*

Why the 3 "C"?


1)Comfy: so I will truly relax in my body

2)Cute: so that I can feel confident. Plus with my husband at home all day...

things could get flirty 😉

3)Cozy: so I keep my body insulated in these cold northern winters.


It's from one of my favorite brands!


P.S. I love to use "Yoga with Adriene" youtube videos for my at home practice. She is funny and encouraging for all levels on the yoga mat. There are so many (free) videos to choose from on her channel, I highly recommend her!

If you're feeling more of the "relaxed vibes" then check out my healthy treats!

Favorites now:

my healthy(ish) cookie cake here

or my addicting banana bread here