Beauty Boosting Fruits

Sharing my favorite Beauty Boosters from my fruit bowl this week!

I have to be honest with you. For the past couple years I was "afraid" of eating too much fruit. But after digging deep in some research I have switched up my mindset! I am joyfully welcoming back my fruit bowl to the table. In the past I had limited myself primarily to berries because of my diabetes. Even with this condition I have found that it is time for change. Based on research I’ve chosen to experiment by re-introducing fruits to my diet on a daily basis. I want to add that I am very active researching my health options (for the past 5 years actually) and I don't mean "fact finding” in the sense of the google search bar alone... But by seeking the opinions of several specialists. While I am still on my way to wellness, I feel happy On this journey. As you know, I am not a doctor so I can not give you much advice but I can at least share my experience. One day I will talk about my full health journey, but not in this post. Today I want to share with you what's currently in my fruit bowl!

p.s. always recommend doing you're own research but If you're interesting in why maybe fruit shouldn't be feared check out this one by Anthoy Williams;​

This week's Beauty boosting Fruits:

Mango: Want to wear that skin-tight dress this weekend. Grab your mangos! Mangos provide digestive enzymes which are needed for gut health! A very important topic that provides a happy belly, that doesn't have you feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Pictured in my fruit bowl is the Kent mango. This was my first time trying one! I have decided I enjoy the champagne variety better. However, both varieties provide digestive enzymes!

Banana: Headed to the gym or a simple morning walk? Bananas are known for potassium. A mineral that is essential for proper heart and muscle function. So if you love going to the gym bananas are great for you and If you're not into the gym (like me), we can still enjoy bananas too! I have been trying out 2 varieties of bananas the yellow and red! I found the little red ones at whole foods. They share a very similar flavor but the texture in the red variety was denser. They are great when made into nice-cream! recpie here

Apple: Have a date night with your spouse coming up? Eat some apples. Similar to wine and chocolate they have many antioxidants to help you relax and restore! This my lady friends is a fruit that helps stimulate blood flow to the reproductive system. Aka Great to have before date night or combine them all, wine chocolate and apples and you're sure to have a successful romantic evening! Always has been one of my favorite fruits due to all the different varieties (2,500 varities are grown in the USA alone!).

Orange: Skin feeling a little dull? Oranges are best known for their vitamin C. Eating oranges can help your skin fight off any damage caused by pollution or harsh sun rays. Great to have year round and remember to eat this fruit in its natural form. Try to avoid orange juice because that contains no fiber, which is an important element when eating fruit.

Grape: Similar to that glass of wine I love, remember grapes are the true powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants. These cute little fruits are so beneficial no matter what your lifestyle. A great snack on the go!

I hope you have enjoyed this Post and if you would like to see more Let me know through sending a message here, on my facebook page or instagram. Make sure to find a cute fruit bowl for al your beauty boosting fruits! I have persnonaly linked some super cute ones I found on Amazon below!


Here examples of how I to incorporate more fruit in the day.

1) BreakFAST with a fruit plate 2)Mid morning snack with grapefruit 3)An orange and dark chocoalte chips with an evening Bible study!

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