Thinking Pink

This past January I announced my blog's "makeover" using the color PINK! Taking this into my closet too. I think improving your mood in lots of little ways can make a big impact. For me, it started with adding more of my favorite colors into my life.

I used to be afraid of wearing bright colors, I had a coloset full of blacks, whites and muted tones. But this past year I decided I needed bring more uplifiting colors into my life. Starting with my wardrobe.

I was thrilled to see that fashion week revealed tons of pink on the runway which is a good sign for Fall Fashion 2019. I'm starting the "trend" now by finding quality pieces of color to add into my closet. With this pop of neon pink, reflecting how I feel (or try to feel) on the inside. Looking to spend my days feeling fun and loving! What color do you want to try and incorporate more into your life?

xxo Youre Faithful Friend,

Charlotte Faith

Shop My favorite pink linked sweaters below:

Keeping me warm during these last winter days! Wearing colors to attract postive and fun energy this spring!