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Jean jackets are my favorite accent / functional piece for the spring season that can transition nicely into early summer. Denim jackets are so versatile because they can be worn with virtually every color and compliment a variety of styles. If you don't have one, I recommend thrifting or investing to add this into your wardrobe. Blue jean jackets are a timeless piece, that I think only look better with some "aging"! 


I try not to worry too much about the shade of denim I choose, but the cut of the jacket to fit my body's shape. When it comes to the shading of denim whether it's light, dark, or even a black most jacket’s can be made adaptable to an outfit. I have included some pictures from my Pinterest board of different ideas I use to stylize this all American item.  I have also linked some jackets below! 



  Click on the image to see the fashion blogger above and click below to see my favorite jackets this season: 

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