Why I drink Infused H2O

It’s amazing what you can learn about your physical needs just from being intuitive with your body. Im aware of the signs of dehydration recently by noticing lines on my forehead and darker circles under my eyes. These symptoms can be temporarily alleviated with a face mask, although using daily skin care with simple acts of internal rehydration can solve your problem long term. With summer’s arrival, I will be more mindful to stay hydrated all day long. Today I want to share with you my favorite infused waters that have 2 ingredients! They help keep you hydrated, taste amazing and serve with healing properties <3

1) Lime & Ginger: Happy Tummy Water

  • Limes are a very acidic fruit that helps your saliva break down food for better digestion! Adding freshly grated ginger or small slivers can help with the cause. Sometimes during the heat, I can get an upset stomach, so by combining these two plants help quench the thirst and keep my tummy happy!

2) Cucumber & Watermelon: Delicious Detox Water

  • Cucumbers are an amazing fruit that is a common addition to water. They serve as a wonderful ingredient helping detox the body. Cucumbers are loaded with antioxidants and by keeping the body hydrated with water that contains these antioxidants, help you flush out unwanted toxins from your body. Watermelons are also filled with tons of hydration! By adding them to this water recipe you will infuse a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with cucumbers creating a delicious drink. Try chopping and placing both ingredients into the freezer an hour before you add them to your water. Using the fruit as “ice-cubes” keeping my drink extra refreshing!

3) Orange & Basil: Brightening Skin Water

  • Oranges are known for brightening and tighten the skin. I have several face creams with orange extract because they are so nourishing for the skin! Adding in fresh basil not only offers a beautiful balance to the orange aroma but it’s the perfect elixir after a night of cocktails! Basil serves as a detoxifier for your liver, which makes it so helpful after consuming alcohol. If you struggle with acne on your forehead this might be the sign to an unhealthy liver. Drinking more water will help, but adding in some detoxifying agents on a daily basis can do wonders!

Add however much of these ingredients to water based on your own personal preference. Allow the fruit or herbs to infuse in room temp or chilled water for 30 minutes, or up to two hours. This step will help you best receive the potent healing properties.

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I hoped by sharing with you how the exterior body signals can guide us to take care of our insides. Feeling beautiful inside and out!

xxo- Charlotte Faith