My 1st Cleanse: 369 Liver Rescue

My results from the 3:6:9 Liver Rescue Cleanse :

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This program is a 9 day cleanse, divided into 3 sections with specific protocols.

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Summary from my liver rescue cleanse experience:

Day 1-3

Each morning for 3 days I began with 16oz lemon (or lime) water & remove any fats + animal proteins from my diet until dinner time. Also by adding in 3-4 apples with 1-4 dates as snacks for mid-morning or afternoon. Even though I eat very well and love my "diet"... these 3 days were challenging for me. Primarily because I love topping my meals with nut-butters, cereals, and almost all packaged food has a form of oil in it. So for these first few days, I was eating very simple. Serving beans and rice, chickpeas and potatoes then on night 3 I included a small amount of grilled chicken, potatoes and greens. Ingesting so many apples did become tiring to chew but you have the option to make apple sauce if you prefer. I had a slight headache on these days from the lack of caffeinated beverages. Preparing these very simple meals made me feel great. Also, include nightly beverages of tea and water (which you repeat through all 9 days) before bed.

I would recommend that as a simple challenge to yourself, try making simple meals with whole fruits and vegetables, taking a break on the oils, sauces, and dips we all know and love. I have found by choosing simple ingredients for my menu can be so beneficial for the body especially during times of stress or worry. This food arrangement will fortify you during mental stumbling blocks.

Day 4-6

These are very structured days and you eliminate fat completely. You are instructed to incorporate a 16 oz lemon water and 16 oz celery juice every morning before breakfast. The celery juice was not hard for me to drink because I had already experimented with this juice earlier in my research. I enjoyed a "liver rescue smoothie" made from banana, wild blueberries and dragon fruit (pitaya). Blended with water (and there are substitutions for this smoothie in the book), this is what I chose for this section of rescue. Lunch and dinner are steamed asparagus and brussels with other selected veggies that target to detox the liver. There is no limit on any of these foods, breakfast or lunch. You can eat as much as you need to feel full. The problem I encountered was feeling satisfied while eating veggies and my sugars were dropping all day. I didn't even give insulin for 2 apples and 3 dates (which is a lot of carbs folks). The evening of day four I started to feel achy all over. I had my nightly beverages of tea and water and went to bed pretty early... after watching my husband eat dark chocolate bark right next to me.

UHH-OH....Following the book protocol until dinner of day 5. I began to have that familiar intuitional check in my spirit where I needed to take a look at my recurring low blood sugars. The sign was there, I felt that I had to respect my body’s response and I chose to "break" the cleanse early. Part of cleansing is peeling back layers of yourself. Shedding the old and revealing the new clear mind and body. Listening to my intuition with a clear head made me feel that this is enough for now until I can complete this cleanse with safe/stable blood sugars.

Day 6-9

Based on the 369 liver rescue guide I chose to follow my own cleanse protocol. Continuing each morning with lemon water and celery juice, and liver rescue smoothie. Lunches and dinners keeping an abundance of leafy greens and unlimited fruits and raw and steamed veggies (potatoes included). Also a couple of nights I added in a small serving of organic beans to my salad. Keeping oil-free and sugar-free (aka NO refined boxed anything) until day 9!

Addressing additional questions:

Why did you attempt this?

I do a lot of research in the health world and have been interested in the author of this book Anthony Williams for 5 months now. After doing research and hearing how his protocols have helped many people, my interest grew. I purchased the book Liver Rescue after hearing other women's positive results in healing. Last month I received blood work back that showed my liver was in a slight state of stress, and I already had this book in my possession. The blood work information was the final push to try the 369 cleanse offered in the back of the book.

Would you recommend this cleanse?

The Medical Medium information doesn't always resonate with everyone. My advice would be to start your research on the internet and then stem from there. I think that his books can be helpful whether you choose to take part in the cleanse guidelines which are included in the last chapter or not.

Why is the liver important? (at any age)

The liver works hard to remove pathogens, toxins, high-fat and high-protein foods (whether plant based or animal based), adrenaline and more, so over time it can become sluggish, "fatty" or weak. When this happens the liver has become bombarded with the number of toxins, the body experiences overload causing more issues/illness **Coming from a high fat/animal protein diet for so many years this made sense in the reflection of my blood work.

Will I continue to follow Medical Mediums Protocols?

Short answer Yes, sort of. Once my sugars stabilized after relinquishing the strict guideline of the 369 cleanses on day 5, I felt amazing. My sugars stabilized, my belly was full and I felt happy. I learned there is so much healing that can be done in simplifying my meals. Taking the fuss out of recipes and just eating simple cooked foods.

I am going to continue focusing on raw fruits, steamed or baked vegetables, organic beans, and whole grains. Minimizing my fat intake and avoiding any processed food (oils, dairy, animal product). This may sound daunting to some but it takes the mental load off from finding recipes that are still considered "healthy" eating. With this mindset, there is an abundance of food you can eat and there are no limits on how much you should be eating.

Of course, I won't be perfect in this endeavor, but it's important to set the goal and try my best. I have only seen positive results in my diabetes (reducing the amount of insulin I take), healthy skin, maintain a healthy weight, feeling energized and strong. What more could a girl want?

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xoxo- Charlotte Faith