Supporting Dress Makers

I know this dress kind of swallows me in fabric but I love it bought this dress from @christydawn in March & have been wearing it any chance I get! I feel so comfortable, its light weight & well made. The brand focuses on conscious fashion & high standards when creating their tailored dresses. I love that they share information / are transparent about the person that made your dress! How cool is that?! At first I felt that these dresses seemed expensive (to me at-least) but after learning about the “why” price tag, made for a confident customer in spending my money. Below is a $30 gift card for Christy Dawn (again NOT sponsored) just sharing my love with You♥️ Limited amount & please let me know if you get a dress. Now I'm sitting here just day dreaming after visiting this green house. I’m wondering how many plants I can fit in our future apartment garden before I drive my husband crazy hehe 🤪🐛🐝🌿🌺

If you want to order a Dress from Christy Day you can use this coupon I have for $30 off your dress!!

No this is not sponsored it's just an offer that popped up in my email and I wanted to share it with my friends <3

If dresses are not for you share this link with someone who does!

Click here to get the $30 giftcard /head to Christy Dawn

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