Why I take Eucalyptus Showers

Given the opportunity, I am the first one to take a spa day. However, paying for a trip to a day-spa has one expensive price tag. So if your a girl like me that loves a little daily pamper, I am so elated to share this new natural feature for your shower! With this new little addition to my bathroom, I experience my own "day spa" every morning/evening.

Adding one bundle of fresh eucalyptus leaves to your shower, we can enhance our getting ready routine. Similar to the use of essential oils (which I love). I don't use oils as often as I should. But by using the fresh leaves you gain the same benefits! It's safe, affordable and it makes and bathroom look and smell luxurious.

You can let the natural oils of the leaves release over time or speed up the process by using your hand to rub the bunch together to break down the leaves and have an instantaneous aroma. Grab a bunch of fresh eucalyptus from your farmers market or most grocery stores. We used to even have a tree in our back yard (what I would give to have a little tree of my own now!). P.S. Make sure you give it a good rinse before showering with it just to avoid any lingering pesticides (icky)

🌿 My favorite beauty benefits of using Eucalyptus leaves include:

  • Relaxes the nervous system- great for stress & symptoms of anxiety

  • Opens your respiratory tract up - great for colds & coughs

  • Aromatherapy / wonderful fresh scent to your bathroom - take deep breaths

  • Natural antibacterial + anti-inflammatory- ideal for treating skin problems

  • Immediately delivers "spa vibes" to any shower

Will you try out this natural healer and turn your shower into a mini-spa? Let me know if you do! 💕

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