Beauty Boosting Sweet Potato

"Sigh Potatoes!" The glorious plant food that so many of us know and love. Potatoes have developed a "bad rep" in the low carb world. Even I can admit, for a period of time I set eating potatoes for special occasions, but since my realization that carbs and a diabetic CAN in fact be friends! I am happy to announce I eat potatoes almost every day!

White potatoes are just as delicious and have terrific nutritional benefits too. But for today I am going to share with you the beauty-boosting nutrition of sweet potatoes. Did you know that there are 25 varieties of sweet potatoes available right here in the US?! However, most supermarkets only carry 1-2 options. My favorites are orange, purple, and Japanese sweet potatoes.

In my featured photo above, you'll notice that this variety of sweet potato is not as common from the orange potatoes we all know (shoutout to thanksgiving feast). However these are indeed my favorite variety. If you're lucky to find Japanese sweet potatoes (also known as Japanese Yams). Look for the ones that have a maroon skin with a white fleshy inside, that will turn golden when roasted. These are very sweet and stay fairly firm in texture after cooking.

All varieties of sweet potatoes have so many beauty-boosting benefits that we benefit from. My 3 favorites are listed here:

1) Fabulous Fiber: Sweet potatoes provide 2 types of fiber; soluble & insoluble. The soluble fiber is not well absorbed by your body, which means it doesn't contribute to the blood-sugar spikes. Then having insoluble fiber helps keeps you "regular" 💩yay!

2) Enchanting Eyes: The orange and purple varieties of Sweet potatoes have the highest amount of Vitamin A (beta-carotene), an antioxidant responsible for the vegetable’s bright vibrant colors. This helps your eyesight stay strong; very important for seeing God's beautiful creations with clear eyes.

3) Happy Hormones: All sweet potatoes are packed with essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and more which support balancing hormones. For women and young girls consuming more iron from plants can positively influence their fertility. After much research my understanding is that healthy carbs are essential for a woman to remain in proper hormone function. Something I wish my doctors would have stressed to me, instead of encouraging my low carb mindset!


3 Healthy Ways to cook:

1) Boiling or Steaming:Using a steamer basket is an easy way to cook diced sweet potatoes. Or you can use a large pot filled with salted boiling water (use enough to cover the sweet potatoes by 1/2") and cook until tender with a fork. Cooking times are determined on the thickness of the diced sweet potatoes.
2) Baking or Roasting: If cooking a whole potato, poke a few holes into the skin on all sides of each sweet potato and wrap with tin-foil for a creamy finish with soft skin. Or leave bare and baking on a sheet and have crispy dry skin and soft inside. Lastly, you can pre-cut your potatoes into cubes or slice down the center and lay flat (flash side down) Use a light coating of oil or melted butter and roast until fork tender. This will caramelize the potato and leave you with a candied finish (so good) The last option is to pre-steam your cut potatoes and then bak on a nonstick mat (If you're looking to remain oil-free). I like to bake in an oven preheated to 375-400 F Time depends on how large your sweet potatoes are/baking method.
3) Microwaving: Poke a few holes into each sweet potato with a fork or knife, place in a microwaveable dish, and microwave on high for 5-10 minutes. This is the fastest method of cooking sweet potatoes but you might end up with a dry potato that will need a lot of "TLC" after cooking. Don't usually recommend this but it works in a pinch.
*TIP* I always try and cook multiple potatoes when using the oven method so that you can have them for multiple meals. I have even been known to eat sweet potatoes cold for breakfast like the photo above! If you haven't tried you should!

Please share this post with someone who loves sweet potatoes or someone who needs a sweet potatoe in their life!

xo-Your faithful friend

Charlotte Faith