Mind-full Eating

For years I said I wanted to slaughter a chicken. I wanted to go to a farm and experience the process. I felt that if I couldn’t do it myself, I shouldn’t be eating the meat.

Our society is trained into mindless eating. We are busy running around, trying to get food in quick and move on to the next task. In cases where we do eat slow, we think about the hours it took to cook/prepare and give thanks to the chef. But what about all that came before the kitchen?

I have raised chickens since before I can remember. Watching them grow from just a little chick and live out many years in our care (my family doesn’t kill ANY of our hens!) But back to my point hah!

Last night I watched a film & there was a butchering scene of a bird and I couldn’t look, I cried. This reminded me of what I have said for years and I realized I probably couldn’t do it.

Since this journey of going plant based as a “diabetic experiment” I have been doing so great that I’ve decided to keep it up!

I know not everyone can nor wants to eat more plants than meat. But I do encourage you to be more mindful of your meals. Each chicken tender belongs to a bird that lived its little life...just for you 🙏🏻♥️ Mindful Eats

Question of the day, Do you give thanks at each meal?

Here are some documentaries that taught me about the meat industry here in the U.S. :

Chicken Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b9yhm3FfSM&list=PLxd0bZ1RXEzsi8TVh1myttJV1vD2ezZDx

Cowspiracy (released 2014)

Food Inc. (released 2008)