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There are so many recipes out there that are classified as "healthy" and while that's great news it's important they taste good too! I can be pretty disappointing when your recipe is a flop, leaving you with wasted time and ingredients. After many years of the growing popularity in food blogging it's much easier to find healthy recipes, that are easy to make and also delicious.

Because I want to be known as your faithful friend in the world of wellness, I hope to help you today by sharing my own favorite food bloggers from 2018/2019. I have also included a recipe that I've made successfully from each blog. Check out my pinterest here for daily inspiration of healthy food!


1) Ambitious Kitchen. This is a great resource to fit Any dietary requirement. You will find meat-based burgers mixed with plant-based burgers. Plenty of dips and desserts for large parties too. My favorite recipe has been the 4 Ingredient reese's eggs!

2) Minimalist Baker. Vegan recipes that are 10 ingredients or less and mostly gluten-free too! A lot of "one bowl" recipes, an overall great starting point for any foodie wanting to avoid animal products. My favorite recipe has been Spelt flour dinner rolls.

3) Chocolate covered Katie. This blog has been around for so long and I have enjoyed her cookie recipes because they have nutrition facts included (which makes it convenient to count my carbs as a diabetic)! My mother in law even made this dessert for Christmas dinner a few years ago! (also vegan)

4) Fit- Foodie-Finds. This blog is a great place for savory and sweet. There are so many recipes on this website it's a great place to get inspiration on what to make for dinner. You can find recipes on here for any dietary concerns Paleo, grain free, gluten free, vegan etc.

5) Martha Stewart has a series on youtube called Everyday Food and there is a series I was inspired by, back in 2014 and that is "Healthy Appetite with Shira Bocar". They just relaunched the series Check out the youtube playlist here:

6) From my bowl is a recent find for me and I find her recipes very easy. They are all plant-based(vegan), gluten-free and mostly oil-free which is great for my diabetes.

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Stay tuned for more best of bloggers next month!

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