Immune Support

This post is for educational purposes only. This is my personal experience with this herbal extract to share how natural supplements have provided me with safe and effective benefits. NOT sponsored

Astragalus Root has been used for hundreds of years known for it benefits of maintaining a strong immune system. Personally, in our home we avoid taking any generic over the counter cold/pain relief pills whenever possible. I have found that by supplementing with traditional, natural, yet powerful herbs you can maintain a healthy immune system (along with a nutrient rich diet). However today we'll focus on Astragalus Root.

This is something I keep on hand all year long. I find it to be especially beneficial during this time where it seems everyone is catching some form of flu. Astragalus Root is known for it's powerful antioxidants which support the integrity of our respiratory tract. In addition, the natural starches (polysaccharides) found in Astragalus are known for their immune supporting properties. Astragalus herb also supports deep immune function by promoting normal levels of specific immune cells and aids in their function. Astragalus appears especially effective when immune function is stressed by environmental or endogenous challenges.

I prefer to take my herbs in tincture* form which simply means a concentrated liquid herbal extract. You can see my instagram post here on how I do that!

However you can also find Astragalus Root in capsule and powder form (linked below)

*How are Tinctures are made?

By soaking herbs, roots, or bark in alcohol or glycerin for weeks to extract the active elements.


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I couldn't find the exact one I have featured in the photo but these are what they have available.

This is not sponsored in any way I use this brand because my doctor recommended it.


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