Cozy Autumn Days

Fall weather has finally arrived! I always look forward to that first cold autumn day. Always count on the crisp and cool air to put you in the baking mood. Sliding into a pair of my favorite slippers, lighting some candles, unpacking my blankets and making some healthy desserts. Autumnal season brings one of my favorite ingredients, canned pumpkin! Which means I have some healthy plant based pumpkin recipes coming to the blog soon, so stay tuned!

I've listed 4 of my fall "lazy" day essentials below and where to find them. Happy Fall ya'll!

xxo- Charlotte Faith


1.) A good Pair of slippers I always feel a bit more fabulous when wearing a pretty pair of slippers. Whether you're running out to grab a package from the doorman or just rushing about your home getting ready for the day. Do you have a pair? If not, I suggest these beautiful "queen bee" slippers from Nordstrom or a personal favorite the faux-fur slippers from Pottery Barn.

2) Light those Candles! If you are gone all day then get a seasonal wall-plug for yourself that acts as decor and welcomes you with a delicious smell as soon as you walk through the door! If you don't have a crackling fireplace like me, then light up a candle when you're home. I like to get one that will fill the house with the scent of the Thanksgiving Dessert table! (YUM) The sonoma candles can be pricey, but totally worth it! They make amazing gifts for friends.

3) Make oneself into a "blanket burrito"

A quality cozy blanket is an investment that won't be regretted. Our family is notorious for having "too many" cozy blankets but is too many blankets actually a thing? Everyone can have their own during movie night or making oneself into a "blanket burrito" as we walk about our house on a lazy Saturday. Whether you're having a TV show marathon with your pet, calling in for a sick day or even taking a road trip make sure you have a cozy blanket you Love. I linked my favorite electric blanket and other top rated blankets I found.

4) Is your kitchen ready? The stove is looking for attention, your heart is waiting to be filled with nutritious and delicious baked goods. This time of year is when the baking truly begins! Toss on your cozy sweaters fill up on warming foods and be grateful for the opportunity to bake healthy(ish) desserts for yourself and share with others