Forgive me Belly

"Dear belly, I'm sorry for what I said. I shouldn't have pinched at you, said those mean comments, or wished that you would be different. You do so much for me. You hold my laughter, you keep me warm. You show me when I have eaten yummy food with the people I love. You show me I'm breathing. I am thankful for all that you do. You're soft on the outside but you're hard at work inside. Thank you, you're perfect. "

This is a mental conversation I want to encourage you to have with your own stomach. Whether you have "rock hard abs" or you're like me and your abdomen doesn't show the definition of muscles. By practicing this I see my belly in a new light, I'm genuinely more carefree and content. The human body is incredible, I hope this little message from me to you can help change any negative thoughts or emotions you have been storing in your body.

How to Belly Breathe:

  • Sit upright in a comfortable place.

  • Place your palms on your stomach and close your eyes. If you need to apologize to yourself, do that. Similar to speaking with a child that had said negative things about themselves. After you say sorry, be forgiving.

  • While going through these thoughts/emotions, keep taking deep breaths. Feel your stomach expand into your hands and pull back in with each breath. Try not to hold tension in your stomach just relax.

  • Think of all the magnificent things your stomach does every day. Think about a time you laughed so hard your stomach cramped. Think about a time where you ate something delicious. Your stomach stores so many good memories too. Imagine yourself smiling, happy, carefree.

You are so much more than the shape/size of your body. Imagine the way we see the innocence in animals. We love their shapes/sizes without judgment. At this moment try and see yourself this way too. I promise you that you will have a GLOW shining through you. Do this exercise whenever you have negative thoughts come up about your stomach. Whether for just a couple breaths or 5min of this exercise.

Need more inspirations on what the belly does for us? First, take a quick break and look at these cute bellies*click to enlarge* facts are below:



Fun Facts:

- Our abdomen (also called belly) is the space between the chest (thorax) and hips (pelvis). There are more than 8 organs that rest inside this space! A few of which are the stomach, pancreas, kidneys, liver, spleen, small and large intestines, etc.

- The stomach is generally the same size in most people, contrary to common beliefs.

- The stomach supports the immune system. Because it holds hydrochloric acid, that help kill off bacteria and viruses that may enter with any food you eat.

- The gut has a large nerve that is nested in your gut and that up to 90 percent of its fibers carry information from the gut up to the brain. Which means the brain interprets our gut signals as emotions, aka trust your gut feeling!

- Some Believe that our human experiences that hold emotion are essentially energy that we then store in our cellular memory of our bodies. Such as emotional stress, tension, worry and anxiety. These can will be come stagnate in the stomach, causing bloating, gas and stomachache. It helps to try and eat your meals and snack in positive mindset.

Facts like these and more can be found on so many different informative websites. I just wanted to share a few I found unique!

I hope this post brought you some joy today. I encourage you to share this post if it helped you. Or share this link with a someone amazing that needs a reminder of how wonderful they are!

Much love your faithful friend,

Charlotte Faith