Fruit Sushi

This is just a fun way yo eat your bananas. Spotty banana's are by far my favorite fruit! When you wait to eat a ripened bananas (spotty banana) they're naturally sweeter and that’s because as it “browns” the starch in the banana turns to sugar (good sugar). Think of brown spots as little "sugar sprinkles" haha!

Bananas also contain amino acids, which the body converts into serotonin. In fact, serotonin is known for improving our mood I think of it like the “happy molecule”. I know during these cloudy, cold days we’ve been having, I can use a mood booster. Bananas have been the answer for me and so much more. I’ll stop here for now. Rain or shine, I always am seeking to eat that good mood food!

How to make it:

Slice bananas

Top with all natural almond or peanut butter

Sprinkle with your favorite granola and cinnamon

Add a dipping bowl with a vanilla Dairy Free yogurt!

Try my simple granola recipe here (it's sugar free)

Check out my favorite butters here

There are so many other fruits you could add to this such as strawberries, raspberries, mango, etc. Snack on this and think of all the amazing beauty benefits fruit has too offer. Enjoy!

xoxo- Charlotte Faith