Healing Herbal Teas

Herbal tea is a daily ritual for me, I have the kettle brewing almost all day long. Today I thought we could talk about some of my favorite teas and their benefits. A simple herbal tea can be so healing for our body. If it's hard for you to enjoy drinking herbal teas, a little tip is to try steeping the tea for 1/2 the time the directions recommend. This way the flavor will be diluted and can hopefully ease you into the flavors. It should be an enjoyable experience. Another option is adding a tsp of honey to combat any bitter flavors.

Just a few of my favorite Healing Herbal Teas;

Nettle (stinging nettle) : UTI, hair loss

Nettle leaf tea has been known to support flushing out harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Especially good for women because of its properties being vitamin and mineral rich. Also its high iron content makes for an excellent blood builder with vitamin C aiding in our iron absorption. Iron is essential for healthy hair growth. This tea has an earthy taste that can be bitter if over steeped.

Lemon Balm: indigestion, tension, anti-viral

This tea is traditionally used to support digestion and relieve nervous tension which makes it a great tea for the evening hours to calm the stomach and relax the body before bed. Lemon Balm is also one of my favorite antiviral teas. It is full of important antioxidants (aka flavinoids) that help fight off unwanted bacteria in the body. It has been known to help heal cold sores and flu viruses. This herb has a pleasing lemony scent and is known for being called "the bringer of gladness" making it a helpful tea when you're feeling blue or overwhelmed at the end of your day.

Peppermint: stomachaches, bloating, acid reflux

Peppermint tea leaves contain active properties that prevent smooth muscles from contracting, which can relieve spasms in your gut. Making it a great tea to enjoy post meal. Mint leaves have been used for medicinal purposes since the 1700's. Peppermint tea has a refreshing bold flavor with a therapeutic aroma.

Raspberry Leaf: menstrual cramps, pms, fertility

Sipping on hot raspberry tea always helps me with cramps during the first few days of my cycle. The leaves contain tannins, this is an astringent, which basically means it helps to tone and tighten tissue. That's how the raspberry tea works to support healthy menstruation and tone the uterus. It has been also known that raspberry leaf tea is thought to increase fertility and help ease a mother's labor. I find the flavor to have a very pleasant but light herbal taste.

I hope you have learned something new about a tea you love or feel inspired to brew up one of these teas I’ve linked below. One of the most healing aspects of tea for me is the calming effect it has on my mental state. Over the years a warm cup of tea has become so comforting. Linked below are Teas I recommend and can all be found on Amazon. The brand Traditional Medicinals all have wonderful little quotes on each bag tag, which is always fun!

-Your Fashionable Nutritionist,

Charlotte Faith

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