Healthy Holiday Recipes

Keeping your new (or old) healthy habits can be challenging, especially during the holiday season. Family gatherings can hold traditions with food that no longer serve your body well. For example, once you may have eaten dairy and now you no longer consume this product. During these special seasons, if I do eat certain ingredients that I don’t usually consume, it’s done in small quantities. With the holidays quickly approaching, I want to share the importance of standing up for what you want to eat. In years past I had struggled to eat something just to make other people happy. And while it is important to be kind in denying food offered to you, we should never be guilted into eating something that isn’t compatible with our health needs. This time of year usually places us in these situations.

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There are many memorable life moments that are often tied to specific foods. This is because food impacts our emotions. It’s emotional for both the eater and the server. Luckily, people associate certain dishes with happiness and when we eat those flavors we are connected to those emotions. However, over the past few years I’ve come to realize that it’s not the specific recipe, but just the flavors that bring me joy. I’m happy to say that I now create recipes filled with wholesome ingredients and still have a happy, satisfying holiday experience. Feeling amazing before, during and after my meal. I’ve included simple wholesome recipes for your next traditional dinner on my blog. Not all my recipes but all tried and trusted.

Here are some healthy holiday recipes to try out this year. Most of these are 100% plant based or vegan (which means no meat, dairy or eggs), but some desserts are vegetarian if they contain eggs. I’ll mark it above the recipe link. Oh and all have gluten free options too!

Appetizer Options

Pumpkin Bread:

A healthy dip:

Use this on a platter with lots of veggies and some healthy crackers (I like using Plain rice crackers or the Mary’s Gone Crackers Brand but honestly there are sooo many great options just read your ingredients lists!)

Apple slices and Caramel Dip: or

Main Course/Side Options

There are many healthy options in my Ebook check it out here

Whole Roasted Cauliflower:

Sweet potato Casserole:

Roasted Carrots:


Cranberry Relish:


Warm Lentil Salad:

Healthy-ish Dessert Options

Gingerbread Cookies (gluten free and vegan option):

Raw Carrot cake Bites:

Chocolate Cookies (paleo/low carb/vegan):

Pecan Pie (contains eggs):

Chocolate Cashew Cluster:

Quick Candied Pecans (sugar free option):

Cinnamon Rolls (not gluten free):

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