Routinely Roasted Chicken

Most Sundays we head to the train station, go to church, walk around the city if the weather is nice and as soon as we're settled back home our tummies are grumbling! Each week I typically save Sundays, for my roast chicken. I first fell in love with the idea of making my own by watching women like Martha Stewart and Ina Garten on the food network. They made it look so easy, delicious and beautiful. And to be honest, it really is just too easy! You're left with an end result that taste simply divine... every. single. time!

This is a one-dish recipe that most likely will leave you with leftovers (if you have a small household), and I use any leftover chicken for soups, sandwiches or salads throughout the week.

6 Simple Ingredients :

1.) 3-4 lb. Whole Chicken (preferably humanly raised, free range, & organically fed)

2.) 1 whole Lemon

3.) 1 large bunch of fresh thyme

4.) 1 bulb garlic

5.) 2-3 TBL salted grass fed Butter

6.) Coarse salt / Black pepper


- Kitchen string

- Sharp knife (or kitchen scissors)

- 9x12 baking dish

- Meat Thermometer (unless you trust your eye)

*NOTES* The reason I recommend real butter is because it has milk-fat in it which cause the beautiful golden brown coloring when you bake the chicken. If you use oil you will not get the same outer appearance, however, if you're strictly dairy intolerant and need to use oil, don't worry your chicken will still taste delicious!


1.) Take your chicken out of the fridge and make sure it is completely thawed. Then preheat oven to 425 Degrees.

2.) Cut carrots + potatoes of choice (I use Japanese sweet potatoes) into equal sized pieces (about 1-2 inches thick) Enough to cover your 9X12 baking dish. Roughly chop the onion (set 1/4 aside for later) and sprinkle the rest on top of your veggies. Feel gree to toss in a few garlic cloves as well. Then set pan aside.

3.) Start by removing any of the inside "bits" if they're included in your chicken (most times they're not). Then rinse the chicken with cool water inside and out. Use kitchen scissors or sharp knife to qickly remove any excess fat that might be in the way.

Then thoroughly pat the outside dry with a paper towel. With a generous hand, salt & pepper the inside of your chicken.

4.) Next stuff your (halved) lemon, a few cloves of peeled and smashed garlic cloves, 1/4 of your onion and last a lot of 3/4 of your fresh thyme to the inside of your chicken.

5.) Melt butter and brush the entire chicken with your melted butter. Make sure to cover the legs and the wings too! Again Heavily Sprinkle with Salt and pepper on the outside. skin (Most people under-salt the chicken leaving you with a less flavorful meat, don't be afraid of salt!'s not the same as eating sodium-packed foods, I promise you!)

6.) Last you want to tie the legs together with kitchen string this keeps the legs from overcooking and drying out. Then tuck the wing tips under the body of the chicken.

[If you need to watch a video: HERE.]

7.) Add 1/2 cup water (or broth/stock) onto your veggies then. Place the chicken on top of it all! Ready to bake...

8.) Roast the chicken for 1 hour, then check in the thickness part of the meat using a meat thermometer to check of the internal temperature of 165 degrees. May have to cook up an extra 30 min (depending on your oven). There are other ways to check for "doneness" but I prefer to trust the thermometer!

9.) Remove the chicken and vegetables to a platter and cover with aluminum foil for 15-20 minutes to rest. This is so that the juices of the chicken can keep really absorb into the meat giving you a deliciously juicy chicken. Carve the chicken to your liking and served with tons of veggies!

MMM, your kitchen table will smell amazing! Having a chicken you made with love and mindfulness placed at the center of your table is such a beautiful and comforting experience. We don't eat meat often but when we do we prefer it to be prepared in this way.

xoxo- your Faithful Friend,

Charlotte Faith