September Favorites

I want to try something new here. One of my favorite topics to talk about with other girls is a few of their favorite things. So, I thought I would try sharing my most used products from the past month. We will see how this goes and maybe it will be a reoccurring post if you like it.

p.s. If you're interested in trying one of my favorites too, then just click the image and the link will take you to sephora or amazon.

First for my beauty babes, Makeup Favorites:

-Too Faced for Blush/Highlighter. This gives me the healthy glow that I think a lot of girls are after. It has shimmer to it (not glitter) making it very wearable. I have used it almost everyday and there is still a lot of product left over so it's definitely worth the price tag.


-Everyone Lotion in mint+coconut. I honestly got the idea of trying this lotion from my older brother! He wasn't using this scent but he buys this brand. I adore the smell of this mint+coconut. You can buy it at Whole Foods, that is where I normally get it but you can also buy it on Amazon. If you have a favorite lotion you want me to try message me HERE and I will!


-Revlon lip color in Seduction. This color goes on beautiful (aka not patchy), I love the packaging, it's easy to find in my purse. Not too drying and fades nicely throughout the day. It's a great color for during the day if you're wanting a simple / subtle look. More color then a "nude" but just enough to compliment any eye makeup.


-Sunday Riley Luna Night Oil. This has become a favorite for my skin. I don't use it every-single night but I have to say I Love it. It smells weird but after I apply this, I add my favorite moisturizer and the scent goes away. The packaging reads "Works through the night to improve the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for skin that is visibly more luminous, and radiant. Clinically proven to improve skin radiance, fine lines, and smoothness in 4 weeks"


-Wooden Hair brush. For the past couple years my hair care journey has changed. I have a special relationship with my hair, like most girls. Since restoring my hormones/getting my hair back, I have vowed to try and take better care of what I now have. So I switched to a wooden hairbrush because it has so many benefits. Such as, less frizz/static, acts like a scalp massage, which helps hair growth and because of the wide tooth placement it's better for tangles.


-Dior Lip Glow. One for the glam bag and everyday use. I love this product, yes it is lux product but it makes my lips feel so amazing and look healthy. Sounds silly to say that, but it's the best way I can describe it. I have been using it for over a year now and I am on my 2nd tube! I have the satin finish in 001-Pink Glow-light pink.


-Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Recommending this book to all of my closest friends. If you're "not a reader" don't be intimidated with the size. This book was a passed down to me by a very sweet and wonderful girl who had also been given the book years before. It is a love story and honestly I just recommend clicking the image and reading the short recap on amazon. Buy this book for yourself, your friends, your daughters, etc. It's such a wonderful reminder of what unconditional love looks like (especially in today's time) This book is amazing and everyone I have shared it with, agrees!


-Coconut Cashew Butter. This has been eaten off a spoon by myself a little too much this month. Its pretty expensive on Amazon but definitely look for it in your local grocery store. Manna Organics has the best texture (a little crunchy) and perfectly sweet. You can read more about my favorite nut butters here -

That wraps it up for September of my most used & adored products! I hope you had fun looking through my list. I LOVE hearing what products other gals are actually using and loving! Let me know in an email or on my Instagram if you liked this post. Maybe this will be a regular thing? Until next time...

xxo-Your Faithful Friend

Charlotte Faith