What to expect Here

Since moving from Maryland to Georgia last year, I've seen significant changes in my youtube channel and social media. There has been a decline in the visitors here on my blog. But if you’re reading this now, my hope is that you're still able to use my website as a source for support and information. If you’d like to see more blog posts please let me know by leaving a comment on one of my social platforms or just send me a message! Just type blog club and I’ll know you’re in the “in crowd” 😉

I hope 2022 is treating you well and you are feeling healthier than ever! But if you’re having a slow start, just know that’s okay and sometimes slow is the better way. For myself, I have had a rough start to this new year, with losing our first baby, challenges with house renovations and other displeasures. During this time of grieving, I’ve been resting my body as much as possible and getting lost in books. Really diving deeper into myself and other topics that I wish to share with you. Today I thought I would lay out the direction and focus of what (hopefully you and) I will be chatting about the rest of this year.

Herbalism + Nutrition:

My husband has started jokingly calling me “a witch” as my bookshelf grows with books on herbalism and natural healing. But this is something that has always been a part of my life. Growing up watching homeopathic doctors work with my mother, and the large herb gardens we had growing up as children has been a huge influence. The older I get the more inclined I am toward keeping my life as close to natural processes as possible. I have also used herbalism and whole foods to heal my body, recovering from various symptoms so I really know the power of it.

Farm growth + Food:

As you know we finally moved onto our farm this past fall and have slowly been making our house a home. There are some major restorations to finish with our 1860's cottage and I’m taking "before and after" shots for you! I’ve designed my first vegetable garden and will share my spreadsheets. The explanations on my organizing process of seeds, in addition to choosing what to plant and when will be included. Of course continuing to share new and delicious (whole foods based) healthy recipes is my passion!

Holistic lifestyle:

From clean beauty products to making my own herbal concoctions, I'm thrilled to reveal what's working for me to feel beautiful. The past year I have been experimenting with creating my own herbal remedies and it’s only become easier with life here on the farm.


My YouTube is back on a schedule! You can check out my channel here https://www.youtube.com/iamcharlottefaith

Hopefully we continue to embrace similar interests and if there are any specifics you’d like me to talk more about (hair care, herbalism, diabetes, etc) just let me know! Pictures I love below find more like these by following me on Pinterest